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The Answer £7.99
Timmeh Says: Buy it now, I'm not kidding. Alright I'll qualify that a bit: if you like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Faces, The Black Crowes and their ilk, buy this album NOW, you cannot possibly be disappointed. The Answer are a blues-oriented hard-rock band who wear their influences on their sleeves, but somehow do it without sounding clichéd, tired or unoriginal, and none of those bands ever had production like this. The vocals are awesome, Cormac Neeson's (yep they're Irish!) voice wails and growls like Robert Plant with masses of added soul and without the nasal whine. The guitar work is fantastic, big-heavy-bluesy-rock-riffage and wailing solos exactly as it's meant to be, with the occasional spot of slide guitar thrown in for good measure. The rhythm section is tight and solid which is all that's really required of them in this genre; there's none of the sloppiness that sometimes infects this kind of band here, these guys hit hard and on time.
If you've listened to all the Bon Scot AC/DC albums till your sick of them like I have, wished Led Zep would just get on with it and quit the self-indulgent noodling, wanted the Black Crowes to release an album better than their first, lamented the demise of Free, Bad Company and the Faces, or wondered what kind of band the Quireboys were trying to be but didn't quite have the musicianship to pull it off, this is The Answer.


Permanent Vacation
Permanent Vacation

Aerosmith - £7.99
Tim Says:  Must have, classic from the Toxic Twins et al. Bluesy, dirty rock from the days of spandex, skin tight jeans and white trainers. Big horn sections (ooerr), violins, pianos, blues harps and even a rhythm part played on the arses of two hookers picked up outside the studio. How much more rock'n'roll could you get?

Matty says:- Rock trivia fact - Dude(looks like a lady) was actually written about me! Its true, honest. Well OK, not really. But I was a bit girly once. Stompingly good shake yer wig stuff, Steve's hair has been fab for as long as I can remember, although it did look a bit lank for a while in the drug-fuelled days. A healthier lifestyle has brought back the lustre.


Audioslave - £11.99
Tim Says:- Its all the guys from Rage Against the Machine except Zack with Chris Cornell from Soundgarden singing and...ah...oh...sorry... I think I've come. It's just what you'd expect, massive riffs, big screams, infectious grooves (no not the Infectious Grooves), some thoughtful bits, some loud bits, some little twiddly bits and some bits that are sooo good it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Slightly more Soundgarden than RATM sounding with a couple of more "Temple of the Dog" moments thrown in for good measure, and what a good measure it is. "Cochise" (the big single, currently doing the rounds on Kerrange! TV) is the opening track, its big and bad, with what must surely be one of the best riffs since Jimi gargled his last, and its not the best track here. Buy, beg or borrow this now, but make sure you've got plenty of kleenex in...
Down Here
Down Here

Tracy Bonham - £12.99
Tim Says:- Crikey, girls can rock!  Some great mainstream rock with cool riffing and hooklines along with the odd nice ballad. She plays most of the guitar, drums and sings this herself, and a fine performance it is too. A much better second album, now she's stopped trying to sound like Alanis Morrisette sings Nirvana. Reef are big fans. If you're not humming "Behind Every Good Woman" within minutes, then I'll eat my crusty old Anthrax T-Shirt.

Matty Says:- Nice hair, perky nips, much better than before.

Human Clay

Creed - £11.99
Tim Says:- I really dig this. Don't be put off  if you've only heard the single (Arms Wide Open), as most of the rest of the album is much heavier. The vocals are rich and a little like Pearl Jam's Eddie Veder (A little too like him for some), the guitars are meaty and grindy, possibly a little more Soundgarden than PJ, and the lyrics seem to mean something (though I haven't yet worked out what, a few more listens required methinks). A fine second outing from a band many wrote off as a cheap Pearl Jam imitation.

Matty Says: Non-descript hair makes it difficult for me to review this album with any conviction, but any band keeping the Seattle sound alive can't be a bad thing.

- The Cult - £7.99
Tim Says:- Its the Cult! Probably one of their best. Before the completion of the transformation from goth to metal.

Matty Says:- The day goth met rock and had a big party with jelly and ice cream. Get this album in the new remastered format making it fresh as a daisy. Worth the money just for the intro to "Phoenix". Ian Astbury has always had very nice hair by the way.

Beyond Good and Evil
Beyond Good and Evil

The Cult - £11.99
Tim Says:- The Cult are back (yay!) and they've managed to update their sound while still retaining the essence of the Cult. Astbury's unmistakable vocals and Duffy's characteristic guitar fiddlings remain, but backed by a slightly grungier bass sound. Think "Sonic Temple" rather than "Electric". Its big, pompous, classic and excellent, but above all it's The Cult.

Matty says:- The Cult - they ROCK ! Even if the 3rd Earl of Astbury no longer has his flowing locks and looks somewhat weather-beaten, this album is a tour de force ( ooh get me !) It seems that The Cult are a kind of rock sponge - soaking up what goes on around them and incorporating into their sound. There's bits here from all of the previous albums plus little bits of Korn, Bizkit et al. 'Rise' is a particularly good exampe, moving from Cult to Bizkit to ZZ Top in the space of 12 (gold) bars. Love it. Buy it.

The Sickness

Disturbed - £12.99
Tim Says:- BUY IT NOW!!!!!!! I can't believe I only just bought this record. It's the absolute f*cking mutt's nuts. I haven't heard an album that really grabbed me by the balls like this one has in years. The singing style is completely original, he growls and grunts with the best of 'em but you can still understand every word. The guitars are clean and mean and the bass is sinister, it just bleeds aggression. I can't decide which tracks to highlight as the best ones 'cos there all good, even the cover of Tears for Fears' "Shout" is mean and nasty. I really cannot stress this enough... its a bit good ;-). (PS. I'm sure I reviewd this a few weeks back but It's not here now ooeer)
Matty says:- Nothing cos he's not here, but the singers bald so he wouldn't have much to say anyway.

Evanescence - £8.49
Tim Says:- Why is this only just being released over here? I had to fork out extra for the import, grrr! Take the vocalist out of this band and you'd probably be left with a slightly better average metal act, a bit like Linkin Park maybe. However... Amy Lee has arguably the most amazing voice on the planet. Take the good bits from the vocals of Beth from Portishead, Alanis Morisette, Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Karen Matheson (Capercaillie), Tori Amos, Madonna et al, add a bucketload more power and wrap it up in cute little gothy package and, et voila, instant rock goddess, just add water (makes its own sauce, © Frank Zappa). They've risen to fame partly as a result of having two tunes on the excellent Daredevil movie soundtrack (which you should also check out), and Bring Me To Life (probably the best track here) has recently started doing the rounds on K! TV, I'm told its even been played on Radio 1, and despite the slightly naff video, it should catapult them to superstardom. As well as the more standard metal fare, there's a couple of haunting ballads with Amy going solo on the piano, and the vocal ranging from a breathy whisper to a soaring er...(note to self, insert suitable noun here). It's so good, I can almost forgive her for pronouncing the final t in tourniquet.
Godsmack - £11.99
Tim Says:- New, excellent, mainstream rock stuff, heavily influenced by people like Metallica, Alice in Chains and Megadeath but still Ace. Plus the guitarist is a Pagan, which we like.

Matty Says:- Not overly familiar with this one meself, but the cover has an interesting girly on it, and there are nice tattooey overtones in the design. Nice hair generally.

Live Now, Die Later
Live Now, Die Later

Hateball - £8
Alex TK Says: Starting up with a throaty engine is the first local band album review for Despite hailing from the unequivocally boring towns of Eastbourne and Newhaven, Hateball have produced a 35 minute long slab of fresh and interesting music. They are fast punk with more than a slight hint of country, which is best demonstrated in the guitar lines of the title track and the excellent track Read my Mind. They've also added the odd hint of Ska, which is forgivable because it's well done (and subtle). The quality and feel of the album is constant all the way through, with top quality production, which captures the band's power brilliantly. I can't really offer any comparisons, that's better left to people who know their punk well. Live Now, Die Later is available in local record shops, as well as on their website, and check the events part of this site for gigs by them. The title track is also available on the "This Is Brightoncore" CD.
(hed) PE

(hed) Planet Earth - £11.99
Tim Says:- A much improved second outing for this bunch of off-mainstream rap-rockers. These guys actually are black for a start. Think Dr. Dre more than Eminem, Spearhead rather than the Beastie Boys. Has more of the hip-hop sensibilities than most metal crossover stuff, friends are "niggas" or "brothas" and women are "bitches". This has got some heavy riffing stormers, such as "Everybody Dies", and "Crazy Legs" which opens with the class lyric "I come into your house, make love to your spouse, f*ck 'er in da mouth, den I'm out". Some may be offended by the apparent sexism, but you gotta laugh aint ya. Not one for the kiddies, being liberally sprinkled with m*thaf*ck*'s etc. It's heavy, it's funky, it'll make you grin. "BOOM, (how you like dat?)" actually I f*ckin' love it.
Matty says:- Nothing, cos he's too busy out on the razzle, enjoying himself, to listen to anything new.
Bloodlust Casualty
Bloodlust Casualty

Alex TK Says: It’s easy to sit back and say that UK Metal is a bag of shit, when you’re faced with all the bands that are around. Compare that to foreign bands, who had to really excel to cross the borders and it’s easy to write off your respective local scene. Then come bands like I-def-I that show that Britain also has some caps to throw in the ring. The opening track of this mini album (Devil In The Vein) has heavy riffs, funky breakdown and a soaring melody. It’s good to hear that kind of varied songwriting in metal today, which seems to be flawed in “token band sounds”. Chris Maher’s vocals can be described as influenced by the lower richer end of Mike Patton’s vocals Vs the kind of screaming that I’ll always associate with Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis). The music draws stylistic characteristics from all across the metal spectrum from Fear Factory style breakdowns right up to the odd death metal picking guitar line.
I would recommend this album to anyone who likes heavy riffing under melodic vocals and for those that were coping just fine with commercial metal till all this shit *insert prefix*core nonsense started. You can hear some of the album at
Come Clarity
Come Clarity

In Flames £9.99
"Captain Deathbeard" Says: Those of you who already know of the ‘Gothenburg sound’ that originated in Sweden many moons ago need no introductions to In Flames.  They shot to the limelight when they were given a support slot with Slipknot a few years ago (some of you were even at the Brighton centre for that tour) and have gone from strength to strength with their subsequent releases since those times.
Many metal ‘purists’ argue that their sound has become more acceptable by the mainstream and that this somehow makes them sell-outs?!? 
For those people I urge you to listen to their new offering ‘Come Clarity’.  An awesome metal album that is both melodic and heavy whilst keeping your pretty little head banging involuntarily.  For everyone who likes good solid guitar driven music buy this now… it’s new and it quite simply kicks ass.
If you go for the DVD pack you also get the whole album sound to a DVD movie of the studio recordings – Awesome value for money.
Make Yourself
Make Yourself

Incubus - £11.99
Tim Says:- This is a cracking album, with a great deal of originality. It's got something for everyone. If you listen carefully there are little snippets of inspiration from everyone from Frank Zappa to Tool, though they don't sound like either of these or anyone else. Heavy guitars, bits of scratching, some great melody, and even a spot of light jazz (no, no, don't stop reading, it's good honest) make this an excellent all- rounder of a disc.

Matty says:- When you hear a track like 'Drive', you think 'great' and go out and by the album ( or a least a mate does). How many times is that album complete pants ? Most of them. This is an absolute complete exception. Funky, rocky, smooth, jazzy, melodic. Something's happening here. After the initial Nu Metal flurry, much like after the initial hip-hop, rap thing, bands are bringing out albums with an equally heavy but much more mature and melodic sound. And I like that.

Morning View

Incubus - £11.99
Matty says:- Follow up to the well received 'Make Yourself' and once again the boys have come up with an album eclectic emotional funk souly rock type stuff. Mature and considered. Recommended

Tim says:-  More of the same, but a bit different, no song particularly shines like 'Drive' off the last one. If you dug Make Yerself then you'll dig this, but probably not as much. We're bored and hung- over, can you tell?

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction - £8.49
Matty Says:- A welcome return to form for Messrs Farrell and Navarro, like classic JA, but only more so. Roof-raisers like "True Nature" and "Hypersonic. Jolly good stuff, but not quite enough hair for my picky taste...

Tim Says:- I haven't heard it so I'm saying nuffin'.


Korn - £11.99
Tim Says:- Did this album take long enough or what? Delays, due to concerns about production quality have, as usual, resulted in an album that sounds a wee bit over-produced. Though not nearly as bad as Reef's "Rides" or that dodgy new limp-wristed effort from the Chilli's. Despite the production it's a good record, it's no "Follow the Leader", but it's definitely still Korn. The single "Here to Stay" is the best track here, while the others seem to show that Mr. Davies is just less angry these days. I Suppose a couple of million in the bank will do that to even the most twisted m*th*f*ck*. If you're a fan, you probably need it, if you don't yet have a Korn album, get "Follow the Leader" or their eponymous debut.
Chocolate Starfish and the HotDog Flavoured Water
Chocolate Starfish & the Hot-dog Flavoured Water
Limp Bizkit - £11.99
Tim Says - Someone else can review this, I like it loads but I can't be arsed.

Matty Says - Very short hair (mostly).


Linkin Park - £9.99
Tim Says:- It's an album of remixes (a'la Mr. Zombie) of the first album which, sorry to say, I wasn't keen on. This however is another matter entirely. Bits are fantastic, bits are good, other bits are shite, and I suspect each person will have a completely different opinion on which category each song falls into. Shiners for me are the single "Points of authority", and Korn's Jon Davis' reworking of "One Step Closer" which sounds very NINny to me. The low point for me is the dismal "Xecutioner style" number, which seems to manage to remove the balls from both the Metal and Hip-Hop genres and leave behind a pile of useless wrinkly scrotums. Why Wayne Static ever put his name to such bollocks is beyond me, but there you are. Controversial... me... with my reputation...
Fake Sound of Progress
The Fake Sound of Progress

The Lost Prophets - £9.99
Tim Says:- If you bought the original release of this debut from the Welsh rockers (Kerrang 's Best British Band 2001), then congrats, you have (IMHO) probably one of the best albums of last year. Then the minions of the record label decided it needed remastering in order to compete with the likes of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit in the States. Oh dear. It's still a cracking record but they've extracted most of the dirty edge that made it soooo punchy, and added lots of unnecessary twiddly effects. Anyway, its full of brilliant riffing, post hardcore, but still melodic. Sounds a lot like Faith No More (a'la Angel Dust/Real Thing) in places, but still remaining fresh and original. If you can get your hands on a copy of the original (now unavailable in shops), get it. Otherwise get this. The fake sound of progress indeed.

Matty says:- Dunno. Probably something about them all having short hair (Tim)

Life is Killing Me
The More Things Change

Machine Head - £12.99

Alex TK says:- This is the second album from metal legends Machine Head. This is also my favourite. While the crowd favourite seems to be the debut "Burn my Eyes", I prefer this one. The whole feel of TMTC is an unhappy one. The song topics are generally angry, bitter and you can almost imagine Robb Flynn's angry, defiant face telling the world to F**k off.. The music reflects this as well, it's both downbeat and beautiful at the same time with it. For all its potentially depressing content, it's still an album you can play tracks off at clubs and dance to. The song's "Ten Ton Hammer" and "Take my scars" are groovy enough to dance and headbang too. "Struck a Nerve" is fast, like a speedy 80's punk song at first and I have seen it cause much mosh pit havoc when played live. Which is another thing, if you die without seeing Machine Head live, you seriously missed out. All in all, this is one of metal's all time great albums and is a must have. The only thing I can fault is the badly tacked on bonus tracks, the trademark of a roadrunner records release. Other than that, it's just brilliant.

Golden Age of Grotesque
Golden Age of Grotesque

Marilyn Manson - £11.99

Alex TK says:- I don’t need to introduce this band really as if you’re a rock fan who hasn’t heard anything by them “where the hell have you’ve been  for the past 8 years?!”. The last album “HolyWood” suffered bad reviews and bad sales as the band clawed their way back from the even worse reviews and sales from the previous album “Mechanical Animals”. Both of which, in my opinion are good albums. However this album is certainly the best album since “Antichrist Superstar” and if not, the best album they’ve ever released. The album is full of heavy riffs and industrial sounds, inspired by the replacement of Twiggy Ramirez with Tim Skold from industrial favourites KMFDM. This doesn’t mean that the Manson sound has been completely changed as is evident in tracks like “mOBSCENE” which retain that “fight song” style of mosh friendliness (or if you’re wearing a pill box hat, grey jacket and suspenders, high kicking friendliness).The only down part of the album for me is the two bonus tracks at the end which consist of a lacklustre cover of “Tainted Love” (a lacklustre song to begin with) and “Baboon Rape Party” which is just crap. Also it pays not to stand next to Brighton Rock’s favourite tightly clad webmaster, Matty during “This is the new shit”, as he will point out that it sounds like a Scouser saying, “this is ma new shirt”. Sadly, he’s right, it does.

Silver Side Up

Nickelback - £9.99
Tim Says:- These Canadian rockers are currently riding high in both album and singles charts with their own brand of commercial rock. The single "How You Remind Me" is a cracking number and delivered with real feeling. If you haven't heard it, you must have been living in a nuclear bunker for the last two months. Unfortunately its the best track on the album, though that's not to say that the others aren't good. Its a cracking record, nothing really innovative, but an excellent example of its genre.

Matty says:- At last a rock band breaking through to the mainstream with a reasonable amount of hair (even if it is a bit permy looking). And the lead singer wears his sunnies on his head like me ... I agree with Tim, "How You Remind Me" is the corker. One of the must have albums of the year.


Pearl Jam  - £11.99
Tim says:- Brilliant, excellent, moody, deep, artully crafted and skillfully played. Some of the most intelligent rock around, and it still has some really balls-out riffing. We like it, you will too.

Matty Says:- It's a Pearl Jam album - buy it ! Scrub that, if you're going to buy a Pearl Jam album, buy this one or Vs. If you haven't got a Pearl Jam album already - how on earth did you find this site ? Tim had listened to "Black" loads of times but I spoilt it by pointing out the Freebirdishness of this track.

- Pearl Jam - £7.99
Tim Says:- More of the same awesome, vitriolic, angst-ridden stuff from Mr. Vedder and the gang.

Matty Says:- Probably my fave toptastic PJ album. "Indifference" is a quite simply breathtakingly beautiful ballad (sod it, I've gone all noncy again!)

Mer de Noms
Mer De Noms

A Perfect Circle

Tim says:- Most excellent! Intelligent, heavy, deep, plodding, melodic metal with some real heavy riffing. Almost a bit prog-rock like in places. Members of various bands including the singer from the very-cool Tool.

Matty says:- Deep, dark and dingy from that nice place where goth and rock meet up for a glass of shandy. Nice variation in hair-styles, and a very nice cover.

Black Market Music
Black Market Music

Placebo - £11.99
Tim Says:- I'm not a massive fan myself, but I like this. And all my friends seem to think its the dogs bollocks.

Matty Says:- Brian is a big lipstick wearing fey nonce - so thats a jolly good start. More accessible than 'Without You I'm Nothing'. Time will tell if it has a lasting appeal. A midfield steadying role of an album rather than a creative attacker (more Keane than Beckham). 

A Bit o' What You Fancy & Bitter Sweet & Twisted
Remasters Box set

QuireBoys - £11.99
Tim Says:- Good time rock'n'roll from the kings of early nineties glam/sleaze rock. A massive 40 tracks on these two discs including all of the first two albums plus demos, live stuff and b-sides.

Matty Says:- It's like having a album Rod Stewart album without anyone ever needing to know. As I recall they used to have spiffing hair too.

Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine

RATM - £11.99
Tim Says:- Stunning debut from some very angry young men. Some cracking riffing, possibly the most bizarre noises ever to come out of a guitar, and political, anti-establishment rapping delivered with much venom, combine to make this an absolute stormer.

Matty Says:- Violent, vociferous and very vehement. 'Killing in the name' has a jolly nice riff. If only Zack would tidy his hair up a bit then the establishment might take their views a bit more seriously.;-) A top album for playing full blast in the motor to show the boom-tish boys what real music is.

Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Red Hot Chili Peppers - £11.99
Tim Says:- Most polished and funkiest of the Chili's albums. An absolute must have for any self-respecting rocker. Its funkmongous mate (not 'arf). Shame one of the tracks was spoilt for me by an abortion of a cover version by All Saints.

Matty Says:- The essential RHCP album. More funky than cheese left out in the sun, under a magnifying glass, on a very hot day. It's taken them the best part of a decade to get close to this again with Californication. They used to have nice hair too. True to my noncy roots I actually quite the All Saints cover. (Nonce - Tim)

Reef -£7.99
Tim Says:- Cracking debut from one of Britain's finest. Good-time, stomping, singalong grooves with some of the coolest riffs ever. I defy you not to get down to this disc.

Matty Says:- Probably one of the best albums of all time ever in the history of albums. "Naked" quite literally blows you away. Lots of good Zeppish bits too.

Reef - £11.99
Tim Says:- More funky rifftastic sounds. More polished than "Replenish" but losing a little of the rough edge that I loved so much. A damned fine record.

Matty Says:- Corkingly good album mate. Makes you feel that life is just fab. Particular favourites include "Summers in Bloom" and "Lately Stomping". Still a top band now, even after Gary's haircut.

Reef - £11.99
Tim Says:- A welcome return to form after the disappointing production of "Rides". Good time boogie, summer-in-the-sun type tracks. If you've got all the others, get this, otherwise get "Glow"

Matty Says:- Could this be any more better than "Rides" ? Reef released this album early as an apology for "Rides", which sounded like they were playing next door. "Set the Record Straight" does exactly what it says on the tin. Well done lads.

Second Coming
Second Coming

Second Coming - £?
"Captain Deathbeard" Says: Released in 1998 this is, to my mind, one of the best Rock albums out there. From the first track to the finale it manages to blow your little socks off.  The musicianship is practical but still manages to be impressively uplifting and the vocals are nothing short of spectacular.  They start proceedings with tracks like ‘Soft’ (catchy rock ditty) and ‘electric head’ (verges on Alice in chains territory) right through ‘Vintage eyes’ (gotta have a ballad) to the more epic ‘Affilotimi’ (impressive or pretentious the decision is yours).
In short, this is an excellent album that manages to sound simple but retain an excellent level of technical musicianship.  Not to mention the fact that I fucking love it.  The sad fact is that we have heard nothing from these boys from across the pond for a long old time.  Perhaps if you all took my advice and brought this gem for your collection they might decide to make another one?
The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out Wait For Something Wild
The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out Wait For Something Wild

SikTh - £8.97
Dan O'Driscoll Says: Taking you on an emotional rollercoaster; SikTh's debut album transports you from the safe comfort of slow melodic tracks to skitzed out weird-core progressive metal. This 12 track CD consisting of fresh new songs and the bands old E.P. stuff takes corners at such speeds they are lucky to still be on the rails. Opening like death on acid, the first track 'Scent Of The Obscene' takes you through fast prog' aggressive sounds until it peaks for the ever so melodic chorus! The whole album is a journey through a soundscape, from the head-fucked "Pussyfoot" to the 7/8 time signatured "Skies Of Millennium Night". Towering over bands of similar genre such as Converge, SikTh hit the nail on the head with tight, well executed tunes that manage to avoid the mushed sound of other hardcore acts. Bringing you down in the middle of the CD, SikTh hit you with a group of melodic trip-inducing tracks including a cover of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' "Tupelo". Bouncing between the dual-vocalist line up, SikTh chuck you from soaring melody's and hardcore screams to cartoon style vocals, finally ending the CD with the speech based "When Will The Forest Speak". A poem written, produced and read by the bands dreaded tramp like vocalist Mikee. One of, if not the best CDs I have ever heard. Buy it!!

Skindred - £11.99
Tim Says:- Maximum Respec', Skindred are in a' ya area. Err.. whatever that means. It took a couple of listens, but I'm now totally convinced that this album is my favourite of the year (2002). Three ex-members of Dubwar (but don't let that put you off) including Singer Benji who has guested vocals with such bands as Soulfly and ex-Suicidal Tendencies/Ozzy bassist Robert Trujillo project, Mass Mental. This is RaggaMetal, and you probably ain't heard nuthin' like it before. Now I hate Ragga, but I just can't deny the groove that this record has, it blends ragga/dub style with some fairly hardcore metal in a seemingly effortless fashion, to give a beat dat jus' mek ya want to jump up a' get down. The title track is probably the best track here, but there are only two week tracks (I'll let you decide), with "Selecta" (Bo) and "Nobody" being other monsters. Oh and they're British, and they're playing at the Concorde2 soon supporting Hip-Hop metal maestros Downset.  
The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out Wait For Something Wild
Fuck Tomorrow

Slaughterhouse57 - £6
Shanu (AKA Hollowpoint, The Molotov Cockatiel) Says: Local streetpunk legends Slaughterhouse 57 have done themselves proud with ‘Fuck Tomorrow’.  It’s an incendiary release, building on the strengths and kneecapping the weaknesses of the old album ‘Up the Punx, Up the Brewery’.  Just about everything has improved since that record – the band are tighter, faster, louder, more aggressive and confident, and the production on ‘Fuck Tomorrow’ is excellent.
You’ve got six killer tracks on this CD; ‘Live Forever’ is a perfect opener, a kickass slab of rock and roll that Lemmy would be proud of – and in fact, the Motörhead's influence is naked for all to see throughout.  Of the other tracks, ‘Deny’ is a righteously indignant ‘fuck you’ love song, and ‘Billy McKenzie’ is a great shout-along track about some bloke of the same name (and some of the guitar in it really, really reminds me of ‘White Noise’ by Stiff Little Fingers).  Another stand-out track is a re-recorded version of ‘Cathode Ray Coma’, which was my favourite track from ‘Up the Punx...’ and is absolutely essential listening for anyone fed up of friends and family wasting their lives away in front of the idiot box.
The artwork is killer as well – there’s an awesome picture by Vince Ray on the front cover, of one of those distinctly American cars, splatterpunked up, with some crazy psychobillyesque craziness going on as well.  Very cool.
This is probably one of the best records released by a local band for quite some time, and if you’re into the Brighton scene, or even just like your rock ‘n roll, you owe it to yourself to hear this record.


Soulfy - £11.99

Marcus Says:- Not a being a fan of death type metal, growly shouty vocals don't do much for me. This is the exception to my rule. Shouty, Growly, thumping, Korny grungy, la-la, mashed potatoes, Great!

Tim says:- Err yeah, cool, loud and err... primitive

Matty says:- Very noisy, but nice spuds.

Height of Callousness
The Height of Callousness

SpineShank - £11.99

Marcus Says:- Load, fast and shouty, but also grungy and almost melodic. Huge guitar sounds, which is nice. Good through headphones when facing commuters and tourists. I like it.

Tim says:- Haven't heard it enough yet but it sounds pretty cool.

Matty says:- Hair influences; as yet unknown.

Break the Cycle

Staind - £9.99
Matty says:- Long awaited follow up to Dysfunction. 'It's been a while' is a chilling bitter sweet ballad. Which is nice. Not really much hair to speak of, but a nice full sleeve tatt which bears remarkable resemblance to our guest reviewer's. So that must mean something. Well done Staind.

Tim says:- Sorry about that, I think Matty's been typing for too long today. Like the singles, bought the album and er.... s'alright innit? Emo rock (who invented that term, it's bollox) can't be arsed to form an opinion 'cos no bugger ever buys anythin' from this page anyway, you bastards. We only still do it 'cos it puts a nice piccy on the front page.


Strapping Young Lad - £11.99
"Captain Deathbeard" Says: Well, this isn’t going to be an album to everyone’s taste, but it has to be said that I haven’t heard Metal this good in a long, long time.  From start to finish the music is fast, relentless and doesn’t miss a beat.  The two most outstanding tracks have got to be ‘SKEKSIS’ and ‘LOVE’.  Both of which make full use of Gene Hoglan’s inhuman drumming ability and Devin Townsend’s unique vocal stylings.
It is just a pure slab of hard metal that immediately makes you want to bang your head and purse your lips, whilst saluting the dark lord in our indomitable style \m/
Not only do you get one of the best albums to be released for a long, but you can opt to buy the DVD version which documents the making of the album and shows a live performance as well… brilliant!
Go buy it NOW!!!
An Education In Rebellion
Pieces of Eight

Styx - £9.99
(Visitor Review) Tim (AKA Lizard) Says:- Probably not that well known here but in the 70's they were one of the biggest concert draws in the U.S. Their best album is 'Pieces of Eight' and represent the band at their peak of popularity. This album came out in 1978 and sold millions. It mixes classic rockers like 'Great White Hope' and 'Queen of Spades' with gentle tracks like 'Sing for the Day'. The band had that certain something to take them to the top and they should have been there for many years after the release of 'Pieces of Eight'. They leaned to a more commercial sound with their next album and a decline swiftly followed. Anyway, check our 'Pieces of Eight....its excellent.
Life is Killing Me

Toupé - £7.99

Tim Says:- I first saw these guys, the regional winners of last year's Emergenza competetion, supporting The Trick at Brighton's Pressure Point, and they completely blew me away. There was a point where me and TK were just staring at each other open mouthed (stop it!) unable to believe what we were hearing. Three guys: a short, fat one in a top hat playing a 6-string bass; a tall thin one wearing a suit made of orange fur and a cat-in-the-hat hat, playing a 4-string; and geezer hiding behind the drum kit. What's it like? Nothing you've ever heard before, but if you held a gun to my head and forced me to make comparisons, I'd have to say Primus, Zappa and Beefheart spring to mind, but they're really nothing like these guys. It's blisteringly well-played, inventive original funk-slap bass rock with a dash humour and the weirdest set of effects ever to be applied to a 4-string. So I bought the album on the spot, took it home, played it the computer and, well, I was a little disappointed, the production seemed a little lacklustre and, somehow, while the humor was still there, and the quality of both songwriting and musicianship is still evident, it just didn't have that "FUCKING WOW!" factor that their live show had had. I didn't have the grail of an album I could thrust into the hands of friends and say "Fucking listen to this and if you don't love it I'll kick yo' ass". A little later I tried through the proper sound-system in the lounge, as loud as I thought the neighbours could handle and the sub-woofer gave it a bit more kick, but still nothing to write home about. Since then though, I've cracked it; I've put it in the car. 300W driving a 10-inch sub in a confined space really helps inject a bit more of that throbbing live experience. Make sure you see these guys live and, if you buy the disc, make sure you play it fucking loud man.

Life is Killing Me
Life Is Killing Me

Type O Negative - £13.99

Alex TK says:- For those that do not know Type O Negative, they are a hybrid of goth, metal and punk music. They are known for being extremely downbeat, albeit tongue in cheek, a lot of the time. Life is Killing Me is the most upbeat of their five albums so far (Six, if you include a best of compilation) which is in contrast the their previous album “World Coming Down” which had such wonderfully happy titles as “Everyone I love is dead”. However, this album is not totally free from downbeat topics. The title track is Pete Steele’s personal rant against the U.S. Health System’s treatment of his Father. There is also hints of latter Beatles/Solo John Lennon influence in tracks such as “(we were) electrocute”. The biggest appeal of this album is the upbeat, punky tunes such as “I don’t wanna be me”, “I like Goils” and “Angry Inch” which, unlike most of TON’s material wouldn’t be out of place on a dance floor. Couple this with the slower tracks such as “Nettie” and “Anethesia” and you have what I view as one of the albums of the year.

An Education In Rebellion
An Education In Rebellion

Union Underground - £11.99
Tim Says:- A most excellent debut. Most notably for the Rob Zombie-esque tracks "South Texas Deathride" and "Turn me on Mr Deadman" which must surely become club classics. Other tracks show influences such as Alice in Chains and elements of Metallica but with a sound that definitely their own. Its all good, dirty, grindy guitars and uptempo, stomping beats.

Matty says:- First album and there's a maturity to the sound that others can only hope to emulate. Deep, dark and rich with that oft forgotten musical component - melody. Kid Rock with club cred (and talent) (and originality) (and no cringey skin-crawlingly naff rap). Nice picture on the cover too.

Hellbilly Deluxe
Hellbilly Deluxe

Rob Zombie - £11.99

Tim Says:- A superb first solo recording for the former White Zombie Frontman. Monster riffs, Rob's characteristic growling vocals and horror b-movie sound bites combine to make this a devilishly fine record.

Matty Says:- It's all jolly noisy rock type stuff on this album. I particularly like Mr Zombie's ironic post-Goth hairstyle."Dragula" is a top dance floor track with a sing-along chorus.

American Made Music to Strip By
American Made Music to Strip By
Rob Zombie - £11.99

Tim Says:- This album of technoed-up remixes from "HellBilly Deluxe" by various people including Charlie Clouser(NIN) is absolutely stomping. Turn up the bass and brace yourself on something solid.

Matty Says:- Boom-tish rerendering of "HellBilly" with naked women. We like that sort of thing here at Brighton-Rock.

Sinister Urge
The Sinister Urge

Rob Zombie - £11.99
Tim Says:- Mr. Zombie makes a welcome return, but a slightly disappointing one, after three years with no new stuff. The trademark hammer-horror soundbites are still here ("Use my body to keep you alive!"). Some bits, like "Iron head", which is a stonker and features a guest appearance by Ozzy, are reminiscent of Astro-Creep. While the verse of "never gonna stop" sounds like a dire rocked up Macarena!!! The Mix is different and lacks power, and it has only 11 tracks (just shy of 40 minutes), of which two are instrumental "filler". I eagerly await a remix album a-la "...Strip By" except that he's said he gonna shy away from electronica 'cos he thinks the fans will get bored of it. Please Rob, sort it out and give it some bollocks.

Matty says:- Not a lot, Cos 'e 'asn't 'eard it yet. But he'd probably only say something about Rob's hair anyway (Tim)

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