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Matty Tim
Matty Tim
Matty on Tim Tim on Matty
It must be said that Tim is the most pedantic person that Matty has ever had the pleasure of co-hosting a web site with.Tim is a lovely bloke although he does give away what he calls his "NWOBHM" roots (whatever that may mean - back copies of Kerrang circa 1984 might help) by wearing frightful white trainers. However, Matty is at least 1.3 times more pedantic than Tim. Matty is also a lovely bloke, but will insist on dancing like a great pooftah, and might still be considered a bit girly if he hadn't put so much weight.
Ancient History
Matty was born in the East Anglian town of Peat-bog-horror in the late sixties. He moved to Brighton in the heady days of late Goth to do a degree in Nightclubbing with day release to Brighton Poly. After a spell as database consultant for a leading IT news website in the crazy crazy world of dotcom, he now works as an IT Project Manager for one of the world's largest companies. Tim, through no fault of his own, was born in Bournemouth in 1970, and moved around quite a bit until finally settling on the south coast in 1979. Went to Brighton Polyversity to do a degree in computer science, and somehow managed to pass, despite spending most of the four year course drunk. He now works writing software that controls linear accelerators for radiotherapy.
Rock History
He was a member of a notorious but unknown band called SPL Meltdown who played three monumental gigs, during which they were either turned off, bottled by their own fans or ignored due to the England-Germany semi.

DJs as Matty de Sade at Jezebel events (lately with da Lowlife crew). Founder member of The Hairy Boys dance troupe.

Was in several bands, none of which good enough to gig, or indeed mention.

He's the very hairy bloke you see DJing at Hove Town Hall (and has been known to guest at The Pit, Deviant and the occasional Jezebel night).

Local History
He accidentally went to The Y**rs on a student night in '87 and kept going until nearly the last night. He met Tim at the Y**rs when he got off one of his ex-girlfriends. And somehow they remained friends. He first went to theY**rs in 1985 (should I admit that?) and still wears some of the same t-shirts. Met Matty at the years on his twenty-first when some sodding great nonce pulled his ex.
Recent History
During the nineties he put on weight and facial hair (and then lost some of it again - both weight and facial hair) and can only now be considered a proper bloke (though his mates still call him a nonce).
He is (obviously) fond of Rock & Goth music and will drink anything you'll buy him (within reason).
Since then has become larger, hairier, more tattooed and still remains a proper bloke. Since running this site, he has accidentally fallen into being a regular DJ at Brighton Rock (no relation), Brighton's biggest ever rock and metal club.
He thinks that Matt is unlikely to get people buying him drinks on the strength of a comment of this site, but its worth a go, so mines a John Smiths (smooth), Boddies, Caffreys or Guinness.
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